Clinton: Enforce U.S. trade laws
Apr 14,2008 00:00 by UPI
PITTSBURGH -- Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton told a gathering of manufacturers in Pittsburgh Monday U.S. trade laws need fixing.

Clinton outlined her trade stance at a forum arranged by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, which unveiled a set of proposals it contends would strengthen trade enforcement and crack down on China's unfair trade policies.

"We need solutions to fix our trade laws, build a strong manufacturing base, and stand up to China and say that unsafe toys and unfair currency practices are unacceptable," the New York senator told the manufacturing group. "I know what manufacturing means for this country. It means good jobs, thriving communities and the products that keep this country going and growing every single day."

Clinton said as president she would use the World Trade Organization to challenge countries that violate trade rules and work for stronger protections for intellectual property. She accused the Bush administration of lax trade law enforcement and allowing excessive Chinese imports.

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