Pelosi: Bush 'stiffed American people'
Apr 14,2008 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi returned fire Monday on U.S. President George Bush's criticism of her denying a vote on the Colombia free trade agreement.

Bush showed he is "out of touch" with U.S. families by proposing to make permanent tax cuts "to the wealthiest people in America," Pelosi said in a statement. "That is one of the President's top priorities -- those tax cuts to the wealthy."

Bush criticized the California Democrat's announcement last week that the House would postpone consideration of the deal, signed before the expiration of the fast-track law, under which trade agreements cannot be amended, and must be voted on within 90 legislative days. Arguments were raised that the fast-track law cannot supersede House rules.

Pelosi said Congress has worked with Bush on the economic stimulus package and on the free trade agreement with Peru earlier this year. Bringing an agreement with Colombia to the floor is possible, but only after addressing the U.S. economy, she said.

"This morning (Monday), the president claimed that Democrats in Congress had stiffed a crucial ally by putting off consideration of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement," Pelosi said. "Yet, for seven long years, the President's failed economic plan has stiffed the American people."

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