Supreme Court to hear legal immunity case
Apr 15,2008 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court Monday said it will hear a case on the extent to which supervisory prosecutors have immunity from wrongful conviction lawsuits.

The case involving prosecutorial immunity asks whether officials in the chain of command on a criminal prosecution may be sued for damages for failure to develop policies to ensure that evidence favorable to the defense is shared with defense attorneys, Scotusblog reported.

The case is Van De Kamp, et al., vs. Goldstein (07-854).

The high court also said Monday it would take up a case involving whether the Environmental Protection Agency may do cost-benefit analyses when ordering electricity plants to install new technology when they draw water out of rivers and streams to cool their turbines.

The justices will consider whether the Clean Water Act authorizes the EPA to compare costs with benefits in determining the "best technology available for minimizing adverse environmental impact" at cooling water intake structures.

The combined cases are Entergy Corp. vs. EPA (07-588), PSEG Fossil vs. Riverkeeper (07-589), and Utility Water Act Group vs. Riverkeeper (07-597).

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