Audit slams Canadian Border Patrol
May 07,2008 00:00 by UPI
OTTAWA -- Canadian Auditor General Sheila Fraser criticized the Canada Border Services Agency for losing track of 41,000 people ordered deported.

In the auditor's lengthy report released in Ottawa, Fraser questioned why the agency didn't follow up on the people ordered deported, the Globe and Mail said.

"Due in part to a lack of exit controls, there is a growing number of individuals whose whereabouts are unknown and who might remain in Canada illegally," Fraser said.

The agency was also criticized for granting 639 temporary resident permits in 2006 to people considered inadmissible for "serious criminality," the Toronto Sun reported.

Temporary permits can be granted for a cost of $200 a day for up to three years if officials deem the benefit to Canada outweighs the risk to public safety.

"Every once in a while, a rock band comes in and somebody has had a conviction for a drug offense and so they are allowed into the country," Fraser wrote. "Those would be the kinds of examples" of legitimate permits.

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