EU sues Italy over garbage in Naples
May 07,2008 00:00 by UPI
NAPLES, Italy -- The European Commission has filed suit against Italy for failing to do something about the continuing problem of tons of uncollected trash around Naples.

The EU says piles of rubbish lying in the streets represent a threat to both the environment and human health, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

With all the dumps around Naples considered full, the government has had trouble deciding where to create new ones.

Residents resort to burning piles of trash as a means of protesting the government's failure to act and as a way to get rid of the horrid smell and health hazard.

A reported 1,400 tons of trash remain uncollected, down from a high of 4,500 tons in March, the Times said.

The EU's suit was filed before the European Court of Justice in Brussels.

Italy faces substantial fines if the court rules against it.

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