Cash concerns cancel Clinton events, ads
May 09,2008 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- The cash-strapped campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton has forced curtailments of political events and advertising as the primary season winds down, aides say.

Advisers said Clinton would infuse her Democratic presidential campaign with more of her own money on top of the more than $11 million she already loaned the it, The New York Times said.

Hassan Nemazee, a Clinton national finance chairman, said the campaign raised more than $1 million after her primary loss in North Carolina and her razor-thin win in Indiana.

"We raised a million dollars in a 24-hour period for a candidate that every pundit is saying is either toast or dead on arrival," said Nemazee, who would not discuss the campaign's finances with the Times.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reported options are being considered to allow Clinton a graceful exit from race with Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, who leads in pledged delegates and popular vote.

One supporter familiar with the campaign said Clinton wanted to leave on an up note, possibly after winning a couple of the remaining primaries. The supporter also said Clinton would want a resolution concerning the seating of Florida and Michigan delegates, who lost their seats the Democratic national convention as punishment for the states' changing their primaries.

"If you've resolved Michigan and Florida and she wins a couple of more states ... and she still can't get the nomination barring an act of God, I don't think she stays in the race," the supporter said.

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