FBI tallies 57 U.S. cops slain in 2007
May 13,2008 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- A total of 57 U.S. police officers were killed in confrontations with suspects last year, nine more than in 2006, the FBI reported Tuesday.

Preliminary statistics found that the southern United States was the most dangerous with 31 deaths followed by nine in both the Midwest and West, seven in the Northeast and one in Puerto Rico.

"In addition to the officers who were feloniously killed, 83 law enforcement officers were accidentally killed in 81 separate incidents while performing their duties in 2007," the bureau said in a written statement. "This number is 17 higher than the previous year's number."

The FBI said that 16 officers were killed while making an arrest. Another 16 were slain in ambush and 11 were killed during traffic stops.

Of the 55 officers killed by guns, 38 were shot with handguns. Two were hit by vehicles.

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