Boy, 4, survives two-block toss by tornado
May 13,2008 00:00 by UPI
TULSA, Okla. -- An Oklahoma man says his 4-year-old grandson is recuperating after being pulled from his father's arms and thrown two blocks by a tornado during the weekend.

Brandon Kelly has a head laced with stitches and staples. However, Larry Kelly told The Oklahoman, an Oklahoma City newspaper, the boy "is doing really well."

Brandon's home was leveled when one of the twisters in Saturday's outbreak plowed into their home in Picher, Okla. The youngster, his father and mother were flung into the air and then buried under debris.

"The winds blew Brandon out of his daddy's arms, then picked up Jack (the boy's father) and blew him around," Kelley said. "When it was all over, Jack was under a pile of rubble about a block and a half from where their house once stood."

Mistie Kelly, 30, died of her injuries while her husband, Jack, wound up in intensive care with multiple injuries, the newspaper said.

Larry Kelly said Brandon had no broken bones and that his CT scans were normal.

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