Donated food stolen from City Hall
May 13,2008 00:00 by UPI
EDMONTON, Alberta -- Large sculptures made from donated canned food at City Hall in Edmonton, Alberta, were robbed of about 150 cans, officials said.

Volunteers assembled four sculptures in the lobby made of 11,741 cans to heighten awareness of donating to the city's food banks, where the cans will go later this week, the Edmonton Journal reported.

"I just hope those individuals (who stole) need that food more than we did. It's really sad," Edmonton Food Bank resource development coordinator Tamisan Bencz-Knight told the Journal.

The thefts were noticed early Monday and must have occurred during the weekend, city officials said.

Civic events liaison Danae Kortmann-Watts said there are security guards, but they couldn't monitor the sculptures exclusively.

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