Student protests school no-hugging rule
May 15,2008 00:00 by UPI
MOLALLA, Ore. -- An Oregon middle-school student has challenged her principal's no-hugging rule.

The Molalla River Middle School adopted the policy last year, the Molalla Pioneer reported. Principal Bob Espenel said students were spending too much time hugging between classes, impeding traffic in the school hallways.

"You'd have groups of 10 to 15 kids and they all had to hug each other

before they went to class," Espenel said. "It was getting out of hand. This is not the Love Boat."

But 7th-grader Desha Eaves thinks hugs are sometimes necessary.

"Sometimes they really need a hug and I didn't think it was fair for me to not give my friend a hug," she said.

She decided to make a formal protest, getting in touch with Espenel and writing the school board. The board decided the issue could be decided at school level, suggesting that Eaves and Espenel talk about the rule.

Espenel said he is not sure Eaves will change his mind. But he appreciates her for trying to work within the system.

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