Arson suspected at Chicago mayor's house
May 16,2008 00:00 by UPI
CHICAGO -- Authorities say an arsonist with a grudge may have caused the fire at Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's Grand Beach vacation home three weeks ago.

The house wasn't damaged but a neighbor's home was destroyed and another had a burned garage when winds off Lake Michigan fanned the flames, authorities said.

Investigators, who entered the case when it was learned the mayor had received a threatening letter before the fire, said the culprit may be someone protesting the April 14 shooting of a cougar on the streets of Roscoe Village in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Berrien County Sheriff J. Paul Bailey refused to release the contents of the note but said it led to the investigation that eventually ruled the fire an arson, the Tribune said.

Chicago Police shot the cougar after many sightings in the North Side neighborhood. Officers cornered the 122-pound cat in an alley and shot it seven times after it lunged at an officer.

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