Jailed skateboarder ticketed again
May 22,2008 00:00 by UPI
FREDERICTON, New Brunswick -- A Canadian man jailed for a day in New Brunswick last week for refusing to pay a fine for skateboarding on the street has been ticketed again.

A bylaw in Fredericton bans skateboarding on roads, and Lee Breen, 25, was ticketed earlier this month and fined $100. He refused to pay and was jailed for one day Wednesday and placed under house arrest until Saturday morning.

However, Saturday night, he was skateboarding to work on a street and stopped by a police officer, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., reported.

"He recognized me, so my 'Sorry sir, I did not know about the law, sir' didn't work and he gave me a ticket," Breen told the broadcaster.

He said he won't pay the most recent $50 ticket, as he claims skateboarding is environmentally friendly and that just as bicyclists are required to do, he wears a helmet and uses hand signals, the report said.

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