Georgia man accused of online harassment
Jun 03,2008 00:00 by UPI
ATLANTA -- Police said a romantic breakup has led to criminal charges of online harassment against a Georgia man.

Jared Wolny, 24, faces 32 counts of computer theft and invasion of privacy related to allegations that he hacked into a former girlfriend's computer and posted false images and messages on her MySpace account. The two had met online and previously shared love notes and other information on social networking sites, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tuesday.

When the relationship ended, Wolney allegedly planted spyware on the woman's computer and tracked her Internet usage. He then allegedly accessed her passwords and online accounts, police said.

Athens Clark County Detective Dustin Smith said the case was a "learning experience" for police. "This was kind of a first for this sort of thing," he said to the Journal-Constitution.

But experts say other such cases may come as relationships begin and often end in cyberspace, the report said. Another social networking site, Facebook, even allows users to update their relationship status -- including a broken heart symbol whenever two people "break up" online.

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