Superdelegates' backing could come fast
Jun 03,2008 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- Key Democratic senators say results from primaries in South Dakota and Montana could nudge some uncommitted superdelegates into committing -- quickly

The uncommitted bloc wants the Democratic presidential candidate "locked up sooner rather than later," still-uncommitted Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa told the Politico. "Let's have the nominee and let's move on. That's the common thread among the uncommitted superdelegates. ... I will be ready after (Tuesday) night."

While the total number of delegates from the two primaries won't push Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois across the 2,118 threshold to cinch the nomination, supporters say enough uncommitted superdelegates indicated they would back Obama, giving him the required number.

"I've spoken to 10 uncommitteds, and they've said yes, they'll be committing (to Obama), and they'll be committing sometime (Tuesday)," said Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

At least one superdelegate, Sen Carl Levin of Michigan, said he's won't commit because he wants the state's delegation seated at the convention with full votes. The Democratic National Committee's rules committee decided to seat Michigan's delegation, but each delegate -- including superdelegates -- will only receive a half vote. The DNC punished Michigan and Florida for moving their primaries.

"I'm sticking to it," he said.

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