Man admits, apologizes for false report of armed carjacking
Jun 03,2008 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

BEND, Ore. – A man who claimed to be carjacked at gunpoint in the Terrebonne area north of Bend last month has said he made up the story to cover his admitted drunk driving and subsequent car crash, deputies said. In a letter of apology, the man explained he was distraught over the death of his brother and began drinking while parked in a gated community. He wrote that he was “sincerely sorry”, that his actions were “a dumb thing to do”, and he asked for forgiveness.

Rhys Kalon Davis, 20, of Gresham, Oregon, had earlier reported that on May 18 he picked up a hitchhiker on Highway 97 north of Redmond ho pointed a gun at him and forced him from his vehicle before fleeing.

Davis’ 2007 Subaru Impreza was found about an hour later in Bend, abandoned and crashed, by using the GPS function on the suspect’s cell phone.

Davis appeared in Deschutes County Circuit Court Monday and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of intoxicants and initiating a false report, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Lt. Kevin Dizney said.

In a plea agreement with the district attorney’s office, Davis received one year probation, was ordered to pay $2,500 to the sheriff’s office to cover costs associated with the investigation, and $800 in damages to the property owner where the vehicle crashed, Dizney reported.

“Instances of actual car jackings in the Central Oregon area are rare,” the lieutenant said, adding that “citizens should remain vigilant when making the decision to provide rides to hitchhikers”.

Davis’ letter of apology appears below:

“When my brother died I freaked out, I loved him very much and losing him caused me a great deal of pain, something that I hope nobody ever has to go through. I went to a gated community to be alone, I realize now that I shouldn’t have been there but I wasn’t thinking right at the time.

While sitting in my car, I had a few drinks, which I shouldn’t have.

After I got pretty drunk I caused a wreck, nobody was injured, I hit a landscaping rock in Ms. Singers yard, and for that I am truly sorry I didn’t realize that it was somebody’s yard.

After that I went to Redmond and called in a false police report, saying that I had been car jacked at gunpoint. I did this so that nobody would find out I wrecked my car.

I am sincerely sorry for the unwarranted fear and concern caused by my false police report, it was a dumb thing to do and I learned my lesson the hard way.j

I hope that others learn from my mistake and I hope that when someone thinks of drinking and driving they think of my situation and realize how bad it can turn out and how wrong it is to do.

I am also very sorry for wasting the time of the Deschutes County Sheriffs, the Redmond Police, and all other law enforcement agents who were forced to look for a faulty perpetrator. I hope that no one ever makes the same mistakes that I did, and I hope that all the people who were involved in my [sic] in my dumb decisions can forgive me. Everybody makes mistakes … Just not this dumb of mistakes!

Rhys K. Davis”