Central Oregon Fishing Report 06-13-08
Jun 13,2008 00:00 by ODFW

Due to expected robust runs of hatchery spring in the Deschutes and Hood Rivers in 2008, ODFW adopted temporary rules to allow sport anglers to fish for spring. The following rules apply to these fisheries:

Deschutes River: The Deschutes River is open to angling for adipose fin-clipped spring salmon from the I-84 bridge upstream to Sherars Falls from April 15 to July 31, 2008. The catch limit is one adult adipose fin-clipped salmon per day, and five adipose fin-clipped jack salmon per day. All non-adipose fin-clipped salmon must be released unharmed. Anglers may use bait from Sherars Falls downstream to the upper railroad trestle. It is unlawful to continue angling from Sherars Falls downstream to the upper railroad trestle after taking a daily bag limit of one adult salmon. All other limits and restrictions remain unchanged from those listed in the 2008 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulation for the Deschutes River.

Hood River: The Hood River from the mouth to Powerdale Dam is open to angling for adipose fin-clipped salmon from April 15 to June 30, 2008. The catch limit is two adult adipose fin-clipped salmon per day, and five adipose fin-clipped jack salmon per day. All salmon that have not been adipose fin-clipped must be released unharmed. All other limits and restrictions remain unchanged from those listed in the 2008 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulation for the Hood River.


BIG LAVA LAKE: rainbow trout

Anglers are reporting fair success. The rainbow trout seen in the creel are ranging in size from 12 to 16 inches. The bite should increase with slightly warmer water temperatures.

CLEAR LAKE: Is currently inaccessible due to snow.

CRANE PRAIRIE RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brook trout, kokanee, largemouth bass

Angling over the weekend was reported to be fair with some very nice rainbow trout and brook trout being harvested.

CRESCENT LAKE: brown trout, kokanee, rainbow trout

Anglers are reporting that the fish action is still a little slow. As the lake temperatures warms the fishing success should pick up.


No recent reports from anglers. The Crooked is currently flowing at 243 cfs. ODFW and OSU have initiated a radio telemetry study on redband trout and whitefish, and anglers are reminded that radio-tagged fish cannot be legally harvested. To determine if a fish is radio-tagged, anglers should check for an eight-inch wire antenna protruding from the rear of both redband and mountain whitefish.

CULTUS LAKE: lake trout, rainbow trout

No recent reports.

DAVIS LAKE: redband trout, largemouth bass

Anglers are reporting that the bite is on the slow side. Please note Davis Lake is restricted to fly angling only.


Mouth to Warm Springs: trout, spring chinook

Spring chinook fishing below Sherars Falls has been good when water conditions permit. Anglers are being most successful fishing the ‘plunking’ holes. Anglers can access the USGS Web site for current information on stream flow on the Deschutes at. As the water level drops angling should continue to be consistent.

Trout fishing is improving on the lower Deschutes upstream from White River with the warmer temperatures, but high water levels continue to hamper success. Salmonflies have been observed from Warm Springs downstream. Trout anglers should be successful using nymphs along with salmonflies, but anglers should also be watchful for mid-day hatches.

Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls: rainbow trout, brown trout

Flows in this reach are currently running at 101 cfs. Angling in this reach is reportedly good for both rainbow trout and brown trout.

Benham Falls to Wickiup Reservoir: rainbow trout, brown trout

Anglers caught some nice brown trout in this reach over the past week. This reach of river provides opportunity for brown trout and rainbow trout.

EAST LAKE: rainbow trout, brown trout, kokanee, Atlantic salmon

East Lake anglers are reporting catches of rainbow trout, kokanee and brown trout.

ELK LAKE: Brook trout, kokanee

Anglers can now access Elk lake via traveling north on South Century drive. South Century drive over Mt. Bachelor is still closed to traffic. There are reports of anglers catching a few brook trout and kokanee.

FALL RIVER: rainbow trout

Fly angling only with good opportunity for rainbow trout. Angling is reported to be on the slow side.

FROG LAKE: Is currently inaccessible due to snow.

HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brown trout

No recent reports.

HOOD RIVER: summer steelhead, winter steelhead

High water conditions resulting from recent warm temperatures will limit angler success. Spring Chinook and new summer steelhead catches have been good when water conditions permit. Anglers can access the USGS website for current information on Hood River stream flow A few early summer run steelhead and spring Chinook have been reported in the catch. We are near the end the 2008 run of winter steelhead in the Hood River, but expect good numbers of bright summer steelhead and spring Chinook to be captured at the Powerdale Dam trap in the next two weeks. Spring Chinook fishing should get better as May progresses.


Kingsley was recently stocked, and should provide excellent fishing opportunity. Angers should be aware that camping will be limited due to remaining snow drifts.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: bull trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee, smallmouth bass

Fishing for bull trout and kokanee has been fair. Kokanee being caught are in good condition, ranging from 10 to 14 inches. Please note the emergency regulation in effect suspending the 25 fish bonus bag for kokanee. Lake bag limit is five trout (including kokanee).

LAURANCE LAKE: rainbow trout

Laurance is ice free and recently stocked. Anglers are reminded that only fin-clipped trout may be kept, and only artificial flies and lures may be used.

METOLIUS RIVER: redband trout, bull trout

Reports of some fair angling for redband trout and bull trout from Allingham Bridge downstream.

NORTH TWIN LAKE: rainbow trout

There is good opportunity for 8 to 12-inch rainbow with potential for larger fish up to 18 inches.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: rainbow trout

Reports of good angling for rainbow trout.

ODELL LAKE: kokanee, lake trout, rainbow trout

Anglers are reporting good success for kokanee and lake trout. Please note that all bull trout need to be released unharmed. Anglers are encouraged to take time to learn how to differentiate between lake trout and bull trout. Please check with the Forest Service Crescent Ranger Station for information on campgrounds.

PAULINA LAKE: Brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee

Good reports of kokanee catches with the fish ranging from 10 to 13 inches. There are also reports of fair rainbow trout and brown trout catches.


The reservoir has recently been stocked and should provide good action. Anglers have reported good catches of stocked trout with many of them large brood trout.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, black crappie

Anglers are reporting good success for rainbow trout.


Angler reports have indicated excellent catches on recently stocked fish with many large brood trout.

SIMTUSTUS LAKE: rainbow trout, bull trout

No reports from the past weekend. Legal-sized rainbow trout were stocked before opening weekend and will continue to be stocked throughout the summer. A tribal angling permit is required in addition to a state angling license to fish in the lake. The bag limit is five trout per day including kokanee. Some bull trout are available. Bull trout limit is one fish with a 24-inch minimum as in Lake Billy chinook.

SOUTH TWIN LAKE: rainbow trout

Fishing was reported to be good over the weekend.

SUTTLE LAKE: kokanee, brown trout

No recent reports.

TAYLOR LAKE: rainbow trout

Taylor Lake, located near The Dalles, has been stocked with legal and trophy size rainbow trout and should offer good trout fishing prospects. Several excess hatchery steelhead from Hood River have recently been released into the lake.

WALTON LAKE: No recent reports.
WICKIUP RESERVOIR: kokanee, brown trout, rainbow trout, largemouth bass

The kokanee bite has slowed some though anglers are catching fish up to 14 inches. Brown trout angling was reportedly fair. There is also opportunity for largemouth bass and rainbow trout.