Central Oregon Hunting Report 06-13-08
Jun 13,2008 00:00 by ODFW

Spring bear and spring turkey seasons have ended—so please take the time to report your hunt now. Also, if you haven’t yet done so, report your 2007 hunts. Be ready to enter your hunter/angler ID number, two-digit Wildlife Management Unit number where you hunted, and total number of days hunted. Any person that purchased a tag is required to report, even if they were not successful, did not go hunting, or were called during a telephone hunter survey.


Recreational users should check with the Ochoco National Forest and Prineville BLM regarding road and camping conditions. Motorized access restrictions associated with the South Boundary Travel Management Area (TMA) in the Ochoco unit remain in effect year-round. Maps are available at portal signs as you enter the TMA, or from local ODFW and forest service offices.

Coyote –Coyotes will be closely following deer and pronghorn as they have their young. If hunters can identify areas with solitary does, coyotes will likely be in the vicinity.

Ground Squirrels – Ground squirrels and marmots are active and offer great recreational hunting. These animals occur in greatest numbers on private agricultural and ranch lands where permission from landowners is needed.

The Dalles Wildlife District

Those wishing to pursue COYOTE will find the best success near agricultural lands. Be sure to ask permission to hunt private lands.

California GROUND SQUIRRELS, or grey diggers, are starting to become more active with the warming temperatures. These animals are generally found in rocky, open habitats and the best opportunities are found on private ground near agricultural fields. Limited opportunities exist on the lower elevations.