Legislator targets 'Cocaine' energy drink
Feb 25,2009 00:00 by UPI

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma lawmaker says he wants to ban the sale of the energy drink Cocaine because it sends a message condoning drug use.

State Rep. Mike Shelton, D-Oklahoma City, told KWTV, Oklahoma City, he is working on a bill to ban the sale of the popular energy drink because of an allegedly dangerous message to teens. Shelton said he became alarmed about the drink when he saw two young boys buying the drink.

"It doesn't need to be sold in Oklahoma," Shelton said. "There's no need for it. Plenty of other energy drinks that don't have ugly names like cocaine."

An unnamed representative of the drink's maker, Redux Beverages LLC, told KWTV, "We thrive on negative publicity. That's how we launched our product," adding that the name was supposed to be a joke, yet the company also knew it would be controversial.

"It is the best energy drink on the market," consumer Cory Rula told the station. "I have not found anything better."

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