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Feb 25,2009 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

ITMP Technology Inc. brings health and fitness capabilities to Apple iPhone users. The SMHEART LINK enables the iPhone to double as a heart monitor and fitness tracking system that listens to a person's heart.


Just hook up your iPhone to SMHEART LINK to keep track of, and improve, your workouts. Photo courtesy of iTMP.


ITMP provides three fitness applications for iPhone users: iRPM (plus), iSPINNING and iNewLeaf. Photo courtesy of iTMP. 

"When doing any kind of cardio exercise, most people would agree that the single most important metric to monitor is heart rate. At iTMP, we are really excited to introduce the first iPhone health and fitness apps that allow the iPhone to listen to your heart," said Michael Williams, founder and CEO of iTMP.

"We're also first to pick up speed and cadence from cycling sensors and fully expect to be the first with power as well," he said.

The SMHEART LINK is a wireless bridge that collects data from distributed health and fitness sensors, such as heart-rate monitors and cycling sensors, and sends it to the iPhone via Wi-Fi.

In addition to working with the iPhone, it is also compatible with iPod touch, and in the future could communicate with other smartphones, PCs or other Wi-Fi enabled devices. SMHEART LINK can be hooked up with a growing list of heart monitor chest straps including those from Polar, Garmin, Nike, Reebok, Timex Ironman, New Balance and Numetrex.

Once you complete a workout, simply upload the data to the Internet with the tap of a button. ITMP currently works with New Leaf Fitness and MapMyFitness for this upload.

ITMP has three iPhone fitness applications available on the iPhone App Store:

— iRPM (plus): This bike computer/heart monitor v2.0 is a cardio fitness system and cycling computer that teams with SMHEART LINK to track cardio exercise anywhere. Just upload your completed workout to eNewLeaf.com or MapMyFitness.com to add key cardio training and cycling metrics to your online fitness diary.

— iSPINNING: A cardio fitness system and cycling computer that allows those Spinning enthusiasts to track and record their cardio exercise whether on a Spinner bike, road bike or mountain bike.

— iNewLeaf: This system lets you incorporate unique metabolic profile data from New Leaf to more precisely track and monitor the right exercise intensity for the ultimate of results. By uploading your workout, you receive key cardio training and cycling metrics to your online fitness diary.

"We wanted to make the fitness tracking experience cool, fun, simple and custom, and we've done just that," said Williams. "By leveraging the iPhone's technology and partnering with leaders in the industry, we are raising the bar in this space."

SMHEART LINK retails for $155. For more information, call 805-504-0066 or visit www.smheartlink.com.

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