Lynda Hirsch on Soaps: Weekly Summary
Feb 28,2009 00:00 by Lynda_Hirsch

ALL MY CHILDREN: Zach refuses to help Reese fight Bianca for custody of Gabrielle. Reese turns to Ryan, who wants nothing to do with her. Kendall agrees to help Bianca fight Reese simply because she wants Bianca to take Gabrielle and leave town. Not wanting to put Gabrielle in the middle of a war, Reese tells Bianca that she'll sign away her parental rights to Gabrielle and hopes that Bianca will forgive her one day and let her be a part of her daughter's life. Kendall pulls Bianca into an embrace before she leaves. Kendall coldly informs Zach they'll be sleeping in separate bedrooms. David pressures Amanda to speed up her efforts to make JR look like an unfit father so that he can take Little A away from him. Amanda admits to Krystal that David is the father of the baby she's carrying. Ryan refuses to allow Annie to see Emma before she's taken back to Oak Haven. Aida is starting to fall for Annie. Ryan remains angry at the world, intent on getting revenge on everyone who had a part in Greenlee's death. Reese is shocked as she eavesdrops on Zach and Kendall and learns that Kendall was driving the car that ran Greenlee off the road. Reese accidentally spills the news to Adam. Colby fears her family will end up in the poorhouse after Pete reveals Erica lost all the money Adam invested in Fusion.

SNEAK PEEK: Krystal marries David.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Jade pretends she's broken up with Casey and is depressed and asks Matt for drugs. Matt says he doesn't have any when Alison enters and tells him Jade is trying to trap him. Luke and Noah go to Margo and tell her everything, including the last time they saw the drugs they took from Reg's pocket. They are forced to admit Casey was the last person to have the drugs and when Margo goes home, she finds Casey's backpack and the drugs. Casey is devastated about how everything looks when Alison arrives and Casey accuses her of working with Matt to entrap him. Casey tells Margo that Matt planted the pills she's found. Margo arrests Casey for possession of an illegal substance and Jade agrees to help him. Derek finds out Matt used drugs in jail. Matt convinces Alison he isn't a drug dealer, and she says in that case, it's neither Matt nor Casey. Katie has an ectopic pregnancy. Brad is told it can be a side effect of fertility drugs. Vienna visits and offers to be a surrogate. Dusty goes to the police station and gets Lucy freed in exchange for her helping him see Johnny. Paul takes out his frustration with Meg by dallying with a hooker. He takes the hooker to lunch where Meg is with Dusty.

SNEAK PEEK: An unpleasant father-daughter reunion occurs.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Rick appears to be modest about his heroic act, but secretly hopes his actions will change his image within the family and company. Stephanie and Ridge predict Rick will attempt to use this recent event to his advantage and vow to not allow that to happen. Brooke is proud and appreciative of Rick's valiant deed and pleads with Ridge to feel the same. Rick issues a warning to Stephanie that leaves her fuming. Later, Ridge vows to Steffy he will make sure she is protected from Rick, now more than ever. Learning Ridge hasn't changed his mind, Rick subliminally plants an idea in Brooke's head to help save his job. Steffy must decide if she is willing to make a major sacrifice to help the man she loves. Thorne is still confident he will be named president of Forrester Creations. Rick makes a last ditch effort to get Eric on his side. Steffy puts Ridge on the spot when she tells him her plans for the future. Owen learns his future with the company will be reliant on whom his loyalties belong to. Rick's lack of popularity is apparent when he has run-ins with Owen, Marcus and Pam. Bridget pays a visit to Taylor to ask for help with the situation between Rick and Ridge. Taylor agrees to be Ridge's ally in the mission to break up Rick and Steffy.

SNEAK PEEK: Rick's life is in danger.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Stephanie breaks up with Philip, stating that she can't deal with his business persona. Sami learns from Rafe that there was no one else involved with the mayor's killer. Sami can finally go home, but is torn because now she has to leave baby Grace at the convent. Sami returns home. When Sydney cries, EJ gets her and asks Sami if she'd like to hold the baby. Nicole quickly yells no. Kate and Philip share a warm moment when he learns she's in remission. When Lucas almost dies in the gas explosion, Chloe makes a deal with God that if Lucas lives, she will stay at his side forever. Kate sees a goodbye kiss between Daniel and Chloe and hears them talking about their affair. Sami visits Lucas in the hospital. She learns he was drunk and she blames Chloe. Lucas asks what happened to her baby with EJ. Sami lies, telling Lucas the girl was stillborn. She changes the subject back to Chloe, convinced she is the reason Lucas fell off the wagon. Lucas blames Sami because she kept Will from him. Suddenly, a teenage boy appears, having heard his name. It's their son, Will. Hope surprises Bo by telling him she misses him and wants to come home. Bo is thrilled. Hope says there's one condition: Bo must tell her about his visions. Bo agrees. After Hope leaves, Bo has a vision of Hope making love to an unknown man.

SNEAK PEEK: Kate and Victor team up for revenge.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason tells Sonny that once they've cleared Spinelli, Jason will give the business back to Sonny and return to acting as his enforcer. When Bernie suggests the men may not want to go back to working for Sonny, Sonny is adamant he will retake his business. Kate warns Claudia that one day she will connect Claudia to Michael's shooting. Sonny rejects Ric when he offers to help him run the business. Nikolas shares his and Emily's love story with Rebecca. Rebecca gets a job at Kelly's. Rebecca and Lucky are becoming friends. Robin plans to hire a nanny and return to work. Anthony threatens to shoot and kill Claudia, unless Sonny meets his demands. Anthony taunts Claudia over the fact she's developed real feelings for Sonny. Sonny admits to Jason he's worried about Claudia. Tracy agrees to post Ethan's bail, but is content to let Luke rot in his jail cell. Carly and Jax plan to prove Percy, the man who plans to marry Lady Jane, is a con artist. Ethan charms Tracy, who suggests Luke give him a job at the Haunted Star.

SNEAK PEEK: Spinelli says goodbye.

GUIDING LIGHT: Phillip demands that the families must stop fighting. He announces he is giving Company back to Buzz. Buzz tells him he doesn't want the restaurant anymore and will be moving out. Phillip gets a visit from Olivia, who demands to know why he is back. Phillip tells Olivia he wants to make amends and move on. Natalia wants to help Frank in any way she can since he has always been there for her and Rafe. She embraces him. It turns into a kiss and things heat up. Shayne tells Reva that Edmund is part of his family now. Edmund views a recording of Lara talking via webcam. She is eight months pregnant and thinks Shayne will be surprised. Olivia admits to Jeffrey that Natalia makes her happy, but she also thinks she shouldn't be having those feelings. Buzz, feeling lightheaded, reveals to Frank his plan to frame Alan. Buzz says he only wants justice and his son back. Meanwhile, Grady calls Bill and masks his voice to sound like it did when he kidnapped Lizzie. Alan reminds Cyrus he hasn't forgotten what he did to Alex. Cyrus and Grady abduct Bill. Phillip and Beth reminisce about their high school years. Dinah tells Mallet she'll pretend to be his wife so he can adopt a baby in Bosnia.

SNEAK PEEK: Buzz and Alan are on a collision course.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Vanessa confesses that she framed Ray for murder, but insists that her love for Cristian is real. Vanessa sticks to her belief that Ray really did murder Lola's mother, but she and Ray are led off by Antonio. Cristian is left angry and hurt by Vanessa's betrayal. Jessica and Natalie take steps toward repairing their relationship as sisters. Natalie, thinking it will help her and Jessica heal, becomes determined to find out everything that happened the night Chloe was born. Michael and Marcie grow closer. Langston is conflicted about Markko's decision not to attend UCLA in order to stay in Llanview to be with her. Roxy lies to Rex and lets him believe David really is his father. Roxy pleads with Rex not to pursue anything about his father, confessing that she killed the man. John wonders if the person who killed Lee Halpern is the same person who murdered Wes. Starr severs all ties with Todd after confronting him about his suicide attempt and admits he scares her because she believes he's capable of anything. Schuyler urges Cole to get help for his drug problem. A furious Cole confronts Starr, accusing her of telling Schuyler he's on drugs. Gigi makes it clear to Stacy she's going to have to pay her own way.

SNEAK PEEK: Ray moves in with Dorian.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: J.T. asks Colleen why she is tangling with Victor, but Colleen is adamant that taking over this seat is a way to honor Brad. Jill is stunned to learn Billy is the father of Chloe's baby. Cane meets with Michael and tells him that he is divorcing Chloe and filing for full custody of Delia. Cane asks Lily to marry him and help raise Delia. Billy asks Chloe to marry him and fight Cane for custody. Jeff tries to seduce Jill, and she is stunned by his audacity. Jeff, however, is taken aback when Jill plants a kiss on him and offers him uncomplicated, no-strings-attached sex. Gloria takes full responsibility for her actions with the face cream leading to Emma Gibson's death. Michael tells Gloria there is evidence that the face cream was not the cause of Emma's death. Gloria begins to sob as it sinks in that Emma died of a food allergy and not a result of her actions. While picking up books for Noah, Sharon unknowingly steals some books from the display. Eden, literally left holding the bag, is arrested. Roger and Esther marry. Annie introduces herself to Esther as Roger's wife. Esther and Kay have an emotional reunion. Esther, Annie and Kay are about to leave when Clint arrives and tells them that no one is going anywhere.

SNEAK PEEK: Kevin is kidnapped.

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