Former Cancun police chief eyed in slaying
Mar 02,2009 00:00 by UPI

CANCUN, Mexico - Cancun, Mexico's former police chief was in custody Monday as the government investigates the slaying of a retired Mexican Army general, officials said.

One-time Cancun police chief Francisco Velasco, 57, whom authorities allege was driving a stolen sports utility vehicle at the time of his arrest, was being held in Mexico City as part of a probe into drug crime at what many call Mexico's "signature" vacation beach, the Los Angeles Times reported.

While Velasco has not been charged, federal officials say they believe he protected seven others accused of abducting, torturing and slaying Gen. Mauro Enrique Tello and two others who had been sent to Cancun to battle the burgeoning Mexican drug cartels, the newspaper said.

Authorities blame the crimes on Los Zetas, a much-feared gang of enforcers for the drug cartels, many of whom who are reported to be ex-soldiers.

"The reality is that Cancun, like the rest of Mexico, is at war," Cesar Munoz, an editor at the Cancun daily newspaper Novedades, told the Times. "It's at war with the drug cartels."

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