Childcare facility oversight bill passes House
Mar 03,2009 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Bill Would Close Loophole, Prohibit Unlicensed Providers From Caring For Children

SALEM, Ore. – The house passed today HB 2206, which would close a loophole in existing statute that allows a childcare provider who has lost their license or been removed from the Criminal History Registry to continue care for children in some circumstances.  The bill was carried on the floor by Representative Suzanne VanOrman (D-Hood River).

“Our child care laws should, above all else, protect the welfare of our children,” said VanOrman.  “This bill will help to improve these protections by closing this loophole.”

HB 2206 would prevent child care providers who have had their licenses denied, suspended, revoked or voluntarily surrendered in lieu of legal action, or have been denied, suspended, or removed from the Criminal History Registry for cause, from providing childcare or operating a preschool.

“Parents need to be secure in the knowledge that their childcare provider is properly licensed and registered with the Criminal History Registry.  This bill gives parents that piece of mind,” said VanOrman.

Any individual who lives in, works at or frequently visits child care facilities must enroll in the Criminal History Registry to have unsupervised contact with children.  The Employment Department is responsible for licensing and regulating people and facilities that provide child care.