Power plant blamed for fish kill
Mar 03,2009 00:00 by UPI

TOLEDO, Ohio - Environmental groups say that an Ohio power plant kills millions of fish every year by drawing in water from the Maumee River for cooling.

Sandy Bihn, executive director of the Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper Association, said that the Bay Shore plant in Oregon, Ohio, operated by First Energy, would be far less lethal if it built a cooling tower, The Detroit News reported. With a cooling tower, the plant in the Toledo suburb would need to take in much less water from the river, reducing the number of fish that get drawn into its pipes.

The company's own figures show that 126,000 fish a day are drawn into the plant, Bihn said. He said that First Energy is allowed to destroy fish by the millions while sport fishermen are fined if they catch more than 6 walleye a day.

Chris Eck, a spokesman for First Energy, said that many of the fish that are sucked in survive, a rate that varies from 2 percent to 60 percent depending on the species. He also said that First Energy is in compliance with existing environmental laws.

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