Ill. mystery placenta may be from midwife
Mar 03,2009 00:00 by UPI

URBANA, Ill. - Health officials speculate a midwife could be the source of a human placenta that recently turned up at an Illinois wastewater treatment plant.

Julie Pryde, who runs the Champaign-Urbana Health District, told the Chicago Tribune that a midwife may not have been aware of the proper procedures for disposing of the placenta after the baby is delivered.

Three placentas have been found on the filter screen of the Downstate Urbana plant in recent weeks. At least one has been determined to be human, and plant officials say that others could have been cycled through the huge plant without anyone noticing.

Pryde said they posed no threat to the water supply but it is hoped that the media coverage of the discoveries will convince who ever is discarding them into the sewer system to knock it off.

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