What about W?
Mar 04,2009 00:00 by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Internet is full of sites where you can purchase plates, glasses, wine, clothing, coins and plates honoring Barack Obama. Heck, even the gas station down the street from our office is selling various hats, T-shirts and other gewgaws honoring the 44th president.

But what about No. 43? Where can a guy get merchandise honoring President George W. Bush?

Why, at GeorgeWBushStore.com, of course, a service of the Spalding Group of Louisville, Ky., which bills itself as "The Republican Source for Web, Print and Design."

"We're not sitting on a lot of inventory," Ted Jackson, the company's founder, told The Dallas Morning News.

So act fast. Commemorative cigars are $12 apiece and $225 for a box of 25. Each "premium Dominican" (What? You were hoping for Cuban?) stogie comes in a glass tube sealed with gold wax to keep it fresh for years. Inasmuch as Bush does not smoke, this might seem an odd choice, but it's the thought that counts.

If you've really been hit hard by the recession that you're pretty sure Bush had nothing to do with creating, you can go for a simple, "Thank You, President Bush" bumper sticker for $1.50. Or perhaps a "W" car plate or a sleeve of three "W" golf balls (both $9.95). Caps are $14.95 and T-shirts are $16.95.

But if you truly prospered during the Bush years, you might go for the hand-cut lead crystal decanter and four glasses at $199.95. The matching ice bucket is $99.95.

You and your friends can sit in the den, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey, talking about how President Barack Obama is ruining the country. The irony may escape you.

Reprinted From The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Distributed By Creators Syndicate Inc.