Woman besieged by bedbugs at Chicago hotel
Mar 05,2009 00:00 by UPI

CHICAGO - A woman from Tulsa, Okla., says she found numerous red welts all over her body following a stay at a hotel in Chicago.

Stephanie De Verges said after visiting Chicago last November, she was coated in bites from bed bugs that apparently had infested the Travelodge room in which she had stayed, the Chicago Tribune said Thursday.

"I stopped counting at about 47 bites," she said. "It's like having your body on fire in certain places."

De Verges said a doctor later confirmed the bites could have been caused by bed bugs.

After contacting a hotel general manager, De Verges learned the room she had stayed in had previously been the site of bed bug incidents.

The room, according to the manager, had been sprayed for the bugs and deemed ready for use.

De Verges told the Tribune her recent attempts to earn a refund for her three-night stay have been unsuccessful.

"It was very nerve-racking," she said when referring to the nights following her hotel stay. "It was uncomfortable both physically and emotionally."

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