Film Oregon Alliance plan march to Salem for Film Industry Day
Mar 05,2009 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

BEND, Ore. Film Oregon Alliance (FOA) representatives will be in Salem at the State Capital on Tuesday, March 17th to participate in Film Industry Day. FOA will be promoting Central Oregon and what it has to offer of Film, television and media production, including a new promotional video showcasing locations and resources. The event, held in the Galleria of the Capital building, is an opportunity for Central Oregon to help put a face on the industry, to meet with legislators and ask for support of Senate Bill 621, which increases the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF). In addition, participation in this event illustrates the number of people who rely on this industry and how it positively affects the Oregon economy.

Along with FOA and the Governor's Office of Film & Television (GOFT), representatives from other trade organizations from around the state will also be participating. There will be a number of displays in the Galleria including videos, equipment, crew, actors, makeup artists and other aspects of the industry.

GOFT Executive Director Vince Porter commented, "FOA's efforts in working with The Governor's Office of Film and Television as well as other trade organizations on this legislative effort has been amazing! Efforts like this work best in Oregon when people and organizations participate in a grass-roots effort where everyone is mobilized working toward a common goal. FOA gets that and we at the film office are extremely grateful."

FOA President and Co-Founder Stan Roach agrees, "We have worked very hard to bring more film industry attention to Central Oregon and we are excited to be involved in helping the Governor's Office of Film and Television with Industry Day. We've seen first-hand the positive effects of how incentives attract more production to the state and we are dedicated to supporting Senate Bill 621 to continue building the industry and our economy in Central Oregon and the entire State of Oregon."

Oregon Film & Television Industry Facts from The GOFT

- The film and video industry generates around $709 million per year for Oregon's economy. Every dollar in tax credits used for the incentive fund returned $1.15 to the State Treasury.

- In 2007, out-of-state productions represented $41.3 million in direct spending in the state.

- In 2007, the industry generated annual wages 34% higher than the state average. Film and video production creates more than 13,000 jobs for Oregon workers per year.

- Hotels, restaurants, antique stores, cell phone companies, dry cleaners, car rental agencies, lumber yards, paint stores and a large array of other Oregon businesses derive revenue from production.

- Filming impacts tourism. When Twilight shot in the state, local restaurants and hotels had an increase in business when Twilight fans from other states and countries visited. The Astoria Chamber of Commerce reports that 200 people per month visit Astoria to see the house from the 1985 movie The Goonies.

Monterey Morrissey, VP and Co-Founder of FOA added, "This is our chance to add our voice for real change in the way Oregon attracts new film work to the state. It also adds new opportunities for local productions which, in turn, have a direct impact on our communities, not only for crew and talent but for all the support and resources in the region. But our ship can't come in if we don't help it leave the dock. Contacting Legislators or being a part of Industry Day shows that Central Oregon supports SB621 - it's an opportunity to help Oregon's film industry." For more information on Senate Bill 621, visit this web page.

About Film Oregon Alliance:
Film Oregon Alliance (FOA) is an independent economic development and trade organization whose mission it is to unite, promote and market Central Oregon as a desirable film location in cooperation with the Governor's Office of Film & Television and other industry trade organizations. FOA is the largest organization of its kind in the state and has more than 380 registered members who reside both east and west of the Cascades. It is currently an all-volunteer organization. For more information,
visit their web site or contact them via e-mail.