Israel reports more rocket and mortar fire
Mar 06,2009 00:00 by UPI

JERUSALEM - Israeli forces hit four smuggling tunnels in Gaza following a series of rocket and mortar fire in the western Negev, officials say.

The Israeli military says the shelling began shortly after Islamic Jihad vowed revenge for airstrikes that killed three of its operatives, The Jerusalem Post reported Friday.

Overnight Thursday a Qassam rocket slammed into an open field south of Ashkelon but it caused no casualties or damage.

Thursday evening a Grad rocket struck near a synagogue in Netivot causing minor damage but no casualties.

"Our rockets and our resistance will not stop," said Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Ahmed. "We know where and when we will take revenge for these crimes."

Palestinians have continued to fire rockets and mortar shells into Israeli territory since the Israeli military incursion into the Gaza Strip in January, which Israel said was undertaken to stop such attacks.

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