Shooter kills 16 before police kill him
Mar 11,2009 00:00 by UPI

WINNENDEN, Germany - A German teen Wednesday gunned down 16 people, including three teachers and 10 students, before being killed by police, a law enforcement spokesman said.

Tim Kretschmer, 17, began his rampage at a junior high school he had attended in Winnenden, a town near Stuttgart, Germany, CNN reported.

At least seven other people were injured in the three-hour rampage, officials said.

"The suspect broke into the school. He went into the classroom and shot wildly around himself and left the building and fled on foot," said police spokesman Hans Ulrich Stuiber. Three teachers and 10 students were killed at the Albertville-Realschule-Winnenden facility.

Police officials tracked Kretschmer's movements, saying he killed another person as he was leaving the school, then hijacked a vehicle, taking the driver hostage.

The gunman drove to Wendlingen, where he released the driver, Wendlingen police spokesman Rainer Kloeller said. The driver then alerted the police

Wendlingen police spotted Kretschmer, who shot and injured two officers. He then killed two more people before dying in a shootout with police, authorities told CNN.

"It is a day of mourning for the whole of Germany," German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a televised statement.

Police said they didn't know the teen's motive. When police searched his parents' home later, they reported finding a sizable gun collection, authorities said.

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