Man arrested for smashing half of city’s police car fleet
Mar 11,2009 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

GLADSTONE, Ore. – A man with a history of damaging law enforcement vehicles and fighting with police was arrested moments after he was witnessed smashing the windows and emergency light assemblies of half of the local police department’s fleet, officials reported.

 Half of the city’s fleet of police car were damaged – GPD photo

Gladstone Police said fire department personnel called 911 after witnessing Sergei Alikandrovich Mazakov smash the cars with some type of metal object about 9 p.m., March 10. Responding officers located the suspect about a block away.

One officer was injured during the arrest when Mazakov resisted, but the suspect was ultimately taken into custody, police said.

Police said damage to the three patrol cars – 50 percent of their fleet of six cars – will substantially impact the departmental budget and their ability to patrol the streets.

“We are hoping that the repairs will be completed quickly and that our (injured) officer can return to duty very soon,” police said.