Calif. pilot loses license over porn clip
Mar 12,2009 00:00 by UPI

SAN DIEGO -- A helicopter pilot in San Diego had his commercial pilot's license revoked after an online video showed him engaged in a midair sex act, an official said.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said David Keith Martz lost his license after the Web site TMZ released a video that showed an unidentified porn actress performing a sexual act on Martz while he was operating a helicopter, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Wednesday.

"These actions showed a careless and reckless disregard for safety and showed that he lacks the care, judgment and responsibility to hold a commercial pilot certificate," Gregor said of the midair sex act, which took place above San Diego in 2007.

Gregor told the Union-Tribune that Martz, whose license had previously been suspended twice and revoked twice, has appealed the FAA ruling.

An administrative law judge will preside over a hearing during the next 30 days to determine if Martz can get his license back after the emergency license revocation.

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