Teens charged with kidnapping senior
Mar 12,2009 00:00 by UPI

EL CAJON, Calif. -- Two young men are facing charges including conspiracy to commit murder over the kidnapping of a 76-year-old California woman, an official says.

Paul Greenwood, San Diego County deputy district attorney, said charges were re-filed Wednesday against Jeffrey Nelson, 19, and Luis Osborne, 18, in regards to the Dec. 18 kidnapping of Natalie Herbst-Vinge, The San Diego Union-Tribune said.

The murder charge against the two men was dismissed in February by a judge who ruled there was no evidence to prove the men had even attempted to kill Herbst-Vinge.

In addition to the re-filed conspiracy charge, the teenagers are facing charges of robbery and financial abuse of an elder.

Greenwood told the Union-Tribune that, if convicted of all of the charges against them, the two men could be sentenced to life in prison.

Witnesses testified at the February hearing in the case that Herbst-Vinge was taken from her home on Dec. 8. Police managed to rescue the kidnapped senior during a traffic stop on Dec. 10, the Union-Tribune said.

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