Schwarzenegger unveils new budget plan
Mar 13,2009 00:00 by UPI

SACRAMENTO -- California's governor has begun a campaign for a series of ballot measures that he says will bring an end to the state's chronic financial troubles.

The package sought by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger includes limits on government growth and calls for borrowing against the state lottery, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

It asks Californians to prolong new but temporary tax increases while simultaneously limiting government spending.

Schwarzenegger told the Commonwealth Club of California that after five years of trying to change how business is done in the state, he is no longer frustrated.

"I feel good about the change this budget reform will bring to our state," he said.

The measures will be put to California voters on May 19.

The Times says supporters of the effort are expected to mount an aggressive campaign that includes television and radio ads plus considerable campaigning by the governor.

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