Henry VIII heavily dependent on women
Mar 16,2009 00:00 by UPI

LONDON -- England's Henry VIII was so dependent on women he was "emotionally incontinent," falling in and out of love, says historian David Starkey, a Tudor expert.

The emotional incontinence came from Henry being raised by his mother from age 11 on after his father died in 1509, Starkey told The Telegraph in a story published Monday.

Unlike most princes of that era, Henry was raised in a house full of women and almost certainly was educated and taught to write by his mother, which influenced him greatly, Starkey said.

Starkey is the curator of an exhibition at the British Library showing how Henry's square, labored handwriting bears a strong resemblance to his mother, Elizabeth of York and his sister, Mary.

"Henry's handwriting shows how very close he was to females in his youth," Starkey said, noting Henry, who had six wives, fell out of love as often as he fell in love.

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