Tension in Latvia over WWII SS vets parade
Mar 17,2009 00:00 by UPI

RIGA, Latvia -- Counter-demonstrators shouted "Hitler, Kaput" Tuesday during a commemorative march for veterans of two World War II Latvian SS units in Riga.

The annual Legion Day march to commemorate the veterans who fought alongside the German army during the war took place despite being prohibited by the government.

RT reported Tuesday that about 300 people took part in the march while another 100 were on hand to taunt the marchers, who included some Waffen SS veterans, which fought against the advancing Russian army late in the war.

Police stayed between the two sides and reportedly made three arrests.

Russia's Novosti news agency noted that the current turmoil over the SS comes amid concern in Moscow about the treatment of ethnic Russians in Latvia and an alleged resurgence of fascism in the Baltic state.

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