Wedding melee prompts police suspensions
Mar 19,2009 00:00 by UPI

GALVESTON, Texas -- The police chief of Galveston, Texas, says nine police officers have been suspended over a melee at a 2008 wedding, despite a lack of formal complaints.

Galveston Police Chief Charles Wiley said he handed down suspensions without pay to nine officers Wednesday, along with written reprimands to four officers, in relation to the Oct. 5 incident, the Houston Chronicle said.

The suspensions, which ranged from a single day to an entire week, and reprimands cited a failure by the officers to properly document the wedding melee.

The disciplinary actions come amid public allegations by wedding guests that police used unnecessary force at a San Luis Hotel wedding party.

Police said the wedding melee began when a 19-year-old guest suspected of underage drinking resisted arrest.

The Chronicle said a video taking of the event allegedly shows police officers using a stun gun on the bride's father, who doesn't appear to be resisting the officers.

A total of 13 guests, including Houston Astros pitcher Brandon Backe, were arrested during the incident. Most of the detained guests, including Backe, were charged with resisting arrest.

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