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Mar 23,2009 00:00 by Marilyn_Beck_&_Stacy_Jenel_Smi

DEAR STACY: I haven't heard anything about Clarence Gilyard of "Walker, Texas Ranger" in a while. What has he been up to? — Geri G., Austin, Texas

DEAR GERI: Gilyard — who also co-starred in "Matlock" with Andy Griffith and played Pastor Bruce Barnes in the "Left Behind" movies — left acting behind, at least for the time being. He returned to Southern Methodist University in 2003, earned his masters in teaching theater arts, and is now an associate professor at the College of Fine Arts, Department of Theater at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. A serious real-life cowboy, Gilyard has also served as honorary chairman of and celebrity spokesman for the Cowboys for Kids charitable organization.

DEAR STACY: I have had the privilege of going to the movie theater without the presence of Steven Seagal for awhile now, and I would like to know if I will continue to be safe, or is there a chance he's coming back. — Dave D., Brooklyn, N.Y.

DEAR DAVE: Sarcasm aside, there is a chance, despite the fact all Seagal's movies have gone the direct-to-DVD route since '03, including last year's "Kill Switch" and "Ruslan." He still talks about the prospect of an "Under Siege 3," returning to his biggest theatrical success, and that could be his ticket back. You never know where the kimono-clad, widow's-peaked aging warrior will turn up. He's recently taken an interest in helping to amp up the moviemaking industry in Costa Rica, and in February met with the nation's president, Oscar Arias, to talk ideas.

DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to Shari Belafonte? Haven't seen her in years. — Pam W., Bronx, N.Y.

DEAR PAM: The 54-year-old one-time "Hotel" series star has been focusing on her first loves, photography and filmmaking, in recent times — though she did play a role on "Nip/Tuck" last year. She recently opened an art exhibition at The Chair and the Maiden gallery in the West Village. Belafonte has done still photography on several films, in addition to producing and serving as director of photography on a film called "Betty's Treats."

DEAR STACY: I heard there was going to be a new "Lethal Weapon" movie with Columbus Short playing Danny Glover's son. If true, please give status. — Jim T., Bloomfield, N.J.

DEAR JIM: Don't hold your breath. Although Warner Bros. reportedly would like to get another "Lethal" movie going, and there is a script treatment for one by Shane Black, Mel Gibson has opted not to be involved. Filmmaker Dick Donner is not involved, but reportedly has his own ideas for a fifth "Lethal Weapon." And Short, who was indeed talking about playing the son of Glover's Murtaugh character, says it's "not happening."

DEAR STACY: I have a bet with a friend that Josh Meyers, who was on "That '70s Show" and "MADtv" is related to Seth Meyers of "Saturday Night Live" fame. My friend says that Meyers is a common name, but I think these two look alike. — J.D., Chattanooga, Tenn.

DEAR J.D.: You win. They're brothers. Seth, 35, is the older by two years.

DEAR STACY: Has "King of the Hill" been canceled? And what is Kathy Najimy up to? I think she is such an under-appreciated talent. — Joyce W., New York

DEAR JOYCE: Yes, "King of the Hill" is over. The multitalented Najimy is directing a new production of her "Back to Bacharach and David" revue — which she co-created (with Steve Gunderson) and directed to critical kudos off-Broadway in 1993 — for L.A.'s Music Box Theatre.

DEAR STACY: I enjoy Rachael Ray, but I hate that she's got her hair down and sometimes pushes it back while cooking. Yecch. She should tie it up or cut it. Someone should tell her. — Lauren S., Salt Lake City, Utah

DEAR LAUREN: Why don't you? Her "Rachael Ray Show" web site has an "Ask Rach" area for viewer's questions and comments.

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