Home Zone: Forgo the reviews and find the food
Mar 23,2009 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

You're craving escargot, but where to go? FoodieBytes.com will get you there.

This is a unique restaurant and food search engine that allows you to search not just by general cuisine or restaurant, but also by the specific dishes you want, wherever you want it.

With FoodieBytes.com, you can find what you want to eat and where you wish to eat it. Photo courtesy of FoodieBytes. 
If you enjoy riding skateboards, scooters or bicycles, give the Wave Cycle a try. Photo courtesy of Wave Cycle. 

"Most restaurant sites on the Internet today are focused on reviews," said Amit Khetan, co-founder of FoodieBytes.

"We were tired of reading reviews and wanted to create a site that offers much deeper content on a restaurant, particularly on their menus. Our site offers the details that no one else offers, and in the process fills in the gaps for consumers who want to either find good items on a menu or discover restaurants with the best menus," Khetan added.

FoodieBytes makes it easy for people to view a restaurant's menu, top-rated dishes, descriptions and photos of menu items. It also boasts a "Food Search" feature, which lists restaurants in a selected area that serve what you request.

If you have dietary restrictions — gluten-free, low-carb — this site will let you know. If you wish to find out what's the best on the menu, "Menu Item Ratings" will keep you informed.

Khetan and co-founder Manoj George are also working on offering dining certificates from leading restaurants in larger cities across the country to make it easier for consumers to try new restaurants. Future plans call for providing nutritional information on menu items as well.

For more information, visit www.foodiebytes.com.


This invention combines a few features of old favorites ... skateboards, bicycles and scooters. The Wave Cycle is propelled as the rider pumps the two handlebars up and down.

The chain-driven propulsion system lets riders pump and glide with ease and comfort. The faster you pump, the faster you go.

And by using your own strength, you have the added benefit of a great upper body workout along with hours of outdoor fun.

Available in two- and three-wheel versions, the Wave Cycle is great for ages 6 years and older. Developed by Forte Enterprises, the Wave Cycle retails for around $150.

For more information, visit www.wavecycle.com.

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