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ALL MY CHILDREN: Aidan busts a nervous Pete for using his computer skills to help Ryan spy on Zach. Aidan strong-arms Pete into reporting back to him on everything he does for Ryan in exchange for a handsome fee. Randi impulsively proposes to Frankie in an effort to hold on to him. Amanda comes up with a plan to make sure David never gets his hand on her baby and begs Jake to help her. She wants to go away before her due date, find a loving family to adopt the baby and then tell David the child died. Jesse tells Ryan that Greenlee's body might have been found. At a Connecticut morgue, Kendall and Ryan don't look at the body under the sheet, as they're certain it's Greenlee after seeing her distinctive engagement ring in the bag containing her belongings. After Kendall and Ryan leave, Aidan enters the room and looks at the body underneath the sheet. Ryan and Kendall find comfort in each other's arms. Kendall admits to Ryan that she still has feelings for him and thinks they need each other now. Learning Ryan and Kendall made love Zach walks out on Kendall. Zach is pleased that Reese has regained her eyesight, but remains pained over all he's lost. Jack gives to Ryan the DVD Greenlee made for him to be watched in the event of her death. Tad has a full house when Opal and Pete move in. David secures a search warrant for Adam's mansion, determined to force him to return to Pine Valley with Little Adam. David seethes when JR makes a fool of him and later sneaks into the mansion via the tunnels. David slips poison in JR's soda water. Angie tells Krystal that David poisoned JR.

SNEAK PEEK: Krystal and David form an unholy alliance.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Lucy meets with a contact on the docks and pays him off so she can ship contraband goods along with the Midnight Sun vodka. Dusty and Meg decide to take their relationship to the next level, and they make love. Paul bursts into Dusty's room and catches them in bed. Paul feels betrayed by Meg. Dusty passionately defends Meg to Paul. Paul calls Emily, vowing to destroy them. Parker tells Carly he's going to a hockey game, and Liberty tells Janet she's going with Brad to look at colleges, but they are really planning to leave the state in order to get married. When Carly realizes something is up, Craig uses Parker's computer to find out what they're up to, and Craig and Carly head out after them. When they get to the judge's chambers, Parker explains to the judge that he wants to marry Liberty so he'll be able to become emancipated and protect his trust fund from Carly. Carly and Craig arrive and Carly must listen as Parker portrays her in a bad light. Carly's outburst convinces the judge that Parker is right and he agrees to marry them. Carly is forced to watch Parker and Liberty get married as Jack and Janet arrive too late to stop them. Jack kicks Parker and Liberty out of the house, but Carly and Janet blast Jack for his decision. Carly says she doesn't know who Jack is anymore. Craig calls to tell Carly he's found the kids and gotten them a room at the Lakeview. Parker and Liberty end up in the honeymoon suite at the Lakeview, but neither one of them wants to have sex. Noah asks Luke to move in with him for the summer. Luke and Noah are unable to rent an apartment when the landlord realizes they are gay. Henry's plan to seduce Vienna is thwarted when she realizes she's pregnant. They rush over to tell Brad and Katie the good news.

SNEAK PEEK: Henry's jealous.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Having been kidnapped by her parents, Steffy makes a call to Rick to inform him that she is fine and promises that her family will not change her mind about him. Ridge calls Brooke to notify her that he arranged for her to have police protection, but he refuses to give her his whereabouts. Marcus stands firm when Stephanie accuses him and Donna of framing Pam for the attacks on Rick. Donna visits a distraught Pam in jail. Stephanie arrives upon Donna's exit and vows to bring all guilty parties to justice. Rick tries to plants seeds of doubt in Brooke's mind about Ridge's devotion to her by referencing the amount of time he has been spending with Taylor. Stephanie arrives to bring Brooke words of warning about her family's safety while adding to Rick's previous comments regarding Ridge's association with Taylor. Ridge and Taylor share a tender moment as they reminisce about the past. Stephanie takes a verbal jab at Brooke by noting how Ridge will always turn to Taylor during troubled times and how these current troubled times are attributed to Rick. After delivering her warnings to Brooke, Stephanie issues another daunting one to Rick.

SNEAK PEEK: Another attempt at murder hits Los Angeles.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: EJ and Nicole decide to have Sydney christened. While they are making plans, Stefano tells the couple they should consider having the christening at the Convent of the Holy Cross. Nicole panics when Stefano finally asks her why she went to the convent. Nicole lies and tells Stefano that she was doing charity work. She soon realizes Stefano doesn't know she switched babies with Sami. Tony realizes that Mia, not Nicole, is Sydney's birth mother. Will arrives at the Brady pub and tells Sami that Lucas and Chloe eloped. Kate boards a plane to Las Vegas to try and stop the elopement. As Kate watches the video in which Lucas and Chloe recite their vows, she develops a devious new plan. Melanie plots to steal the fuels project plans from Max, who keeps the plans in the Cheatin' Heart's safe. Melanie gets the combo to the safe and gets her hands on the plans. She gives them to Tony, who tells Melanie he'll be in touch, and makes a hasty retreat. Bo is startled when he has another vision of Hope in bed with the mystery man. In the vision, Hope says she never thought her husband's premonition would come true. At the convent, Rafe finds himself face to face with an old friend, Sister Agnes. She worries he may be putting too much stock in Sami, but Rafe assures her this is not the case.

SNEAK PEEK: Tony and Philip clash.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Robin ends up at an out of town bar and re-invents herself, claiming she's single with no children. Spinelli panics when Maxie says she'll end up sleeping with Johnny if Spinelli goes into hiding. Winifred volunteers to destroy the FBI's evidence against Spinelli. Carly tells Jason about her newfound outlook on life and how supportive Jax has been. Jason is furious when Rayner issues an APB on Spinelli listing him as armed and dangerous. Alexis confronts Rayner about his threat to make sure Sam never gets her P.I. license. Nikolas lets Lucky know he doesn't like the idea of him spending time with Rebecca. Claudia asks Johnny to come to her and Sonny's mob summit, but he refuses. Johnny later gives Sonny an ultimatum, saying he'll attend the meeting and show his support if Sonny divorces Claudia. Jason has no choice but to do Rayner's bidding and wear a wire to Sonny's mob summit. Ric pulls the rug out from under Claudia when he reveals he knows her secret. Jax realizes Jerry's part in Michael's shooting.

SNEAK PEEK: Jax confides in Olivia.

GUIDING LIGHT: Phillip tells Lizzie that Grady admitted he kidnapper her. Phillip says he made sure Grady will never bother her again. Billy suggests to Vanessa they start over just like Lizzie and Bill. Olivia tells Natalia they can get Phillip's trial date moved up by threatening to reveal Doris' secret that she was at the gay bar. Doris agrees to move up Phillip's trial to keep Olivia from revealing her secret. Dinah runs into Phillip. He tells her he's looking for clues to tie Grady to Lizzie's kidnapping and pointedly suggests there were others involved. After Phillip tells her he will never reveal her part in framing Bill for kidnapping, a guilt-ridden Dinah decides to tell about it herself. After revealing her part in Lizzie's kidnapping, Dinah heads for the rooftop at Company. Buzz thinks he sees Jenna in the woods and takes off after her. Buzz searches for Jenna and realizes he's searching for everything he's lost. He wants to stop hating, but he cannot help it. Buzz decides he needs his family and they need him. Edmund shows Shayne the new promotional video of Lara to attract new investors. Shayne meets up with Josh and tells him that he killed Lara. Shayne admits that after Lara died, he walked into a minefield wanting to die.

SNEAK PEEK: Buzz is on to Alan.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Bo's and Nora's hearts break for Matthew when they tell him that he'll probably never walk again. Rex and Gigi explain to Shane that he has leukemia and they are working on finding a bone marrow donor. After encountering another kid at the hospital, Shane realizes he's going to go bald. In her own unique way, Roxy suggests Shane take the bull by the horns and shaves his head. When Shane regrets he no longer looks like his dad, Rex steps in and has his head shaved as well. Stacy follows Roxy to a clinic and eavesdrops as Roxy talks to Rex's comatose father. Roxy takes a DNA sample from Rex's father in the hope he'll be a match for Shane. Stacy's wheels start to turn as she wonders how she can use Roxy's secret to her advantage. After breaking from their kiss, Brody and Jessica try to convince themselves it isn't the right time for them to pursue anything other than friendship. Natalie and Jared realize they need to get definite proof to confirm their suspicion that Chloe is really Starr's baby. Viki offers her support to Dorian, who's been keeping vigil outside a comatose Blair's hospital room. Viki arrives at the jail with Jack to see Todd. Layla's anger erupts as she listens to Cristian pour his heart out at Evangeline's bedside, accusing him of being a lying, cheating jerk just like every other man. Cristian turns the tables on Layla when he points out how she sabotages her own relationships with men. Tea admits to John that she didn't stab Lee, but also states she doesn't think Todd did either. John calls Tea on her feelings for Todd and while not admitting the total truth, she doesn't completely deny his accusation. Markko doesn't tell Langston that Lola's been coming onto him.

SNEAK PEEK: Dorian takes on Todd.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Daniel, Amber and Jana show Michael the footage of Kevin's robbery dressed as a chipmunk. Michael is stunned to learn Kevin is the masked gunman. When Clint suffers a fatal heart attack, Kevin recalls his father, Tom, and thinks he killed him. Kay and Nikki reminisce about everything that Kay has missed over the past few months. When Nikki tries to return Kay's emerald ring, Kay refuses to take the ring back. Nikki and Kay make a plan to retrieve a DNA sample from Jill without her knowledge. Nikki meets with Jill at the GCAC and manages to get a strand of her hair. When the DNA test proves negative, Kay decides to leave town. After seeing Cane and Lily with the baby, Jill voices her belief that they would be better parents for Delia than Billy and Chloe. Lily agrees to stand by Cane as he fights for custody of Delia. Devon confronts Neil about sleeping with Tyra. Neil is destroyed when Devon tells him that Neil let him down. Sharon begs Phyllis not to tell Jack that she slept with Billy. Adam gets out of a situation of his own making. Ashley goes to see Adam in prison and he opens up to her about how his life has changed since meeting Victor. Victor tells Adam he will have him released, but only under the condition that Adam is released into his custody and lives under his rules. Jack tells a fragile Sharon that he loves her no matter what she has done. He asks her to come home with him. Sharon finally gives in when Jack promises to protect her and the two start to make love. Jack is thrilled when Sharon tells him that she is moving back to the Abbott mansion. Victor meets with Mary Jane and she tells him Jack took the bait.

SNEAK PEEK: Kevin's still on the run.

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