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ALL MY CHILDREN: With her eyesight returned, Reese literally sees things clearly for the first time in a long time and plans to stay in town to prove to Erica and Kendall that she's worthy of Bianca's love. Reese urges Kendall to fight for her marriage. Ryan warns Aidan that he's going to take everything away from Zach. Ryan informs Zach that he's taken over Cambias, as well as the casino. Kendall wants to fight for her marriage, but Zach thinks the relationship is beyond repair. Zach tells Kendall he believes Ryan has always been the problem between them and always will be. David seethes when Erica denies having any knowledge of Adam or Little A's whereabouts. Erica uses Jesse's own history with Frankie to remind him how important it is for Little A to stay with his father. Erica slips JR the address where he can find his son, but neither realizes that Krystal has witnessed their exchange. JR is happily reunited with Little A as they celebrate the boy's birthday together. David blackmails a judge to press kidnapping charges against Adam. With JR in jail, Little A is placed with Jesse and Angie. Gayle, David's cohort at the hospital, gives Jake an envelope containing the results of Greenlee's autopsy. Opal senses that Greenlee is cold and alone and needs help. Amanda is resolved to stick to her plan to have her baby out of town and then give it up for adoption while claiming the baby died. David rattles Amanda when he arrives to witness her sonogram. Frankie and Randi are married by the justice of the peace.

SNEAK PEEK: David saves Ian.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Paul tells Meg he doesn't care about her anymore, only Eliza, and warns that he'll fight to the death if Dusty tries to take Eliza from him. Emily follows Lucy to the dock and hears Lucy talking to a shipping worker about a shipment that somehow secretly connects to Craig and Carly's business. Emily reports to Paul, and he confronts Lucy. Lucy is forced to help Paul get Dusty away from Meg. When Liberty and Parker fail at finding jobs they head to Al's to ask Janet for help. Parker notices the cash register is open and he grabs a wad of bills. When Janet realizes the money is gone, Jack suspects Parker and arrests him. Craig bails him out. Parker gets a call from the DA saying Jack will put Parker on trial for robbery. Jack really just wants Parker to learn a lesson and made a pre-arrangement with the DA. Craig says Parker didn't steal the money, but rather Craig lent it to him. Jack asks Parker to tell the truth, but Parker doesn't and the DA drops the case. Jack walks in on Carly and Craig in bed and storms out. Janet accuses him of caring too much about Carly. Noah, Luke and Lily decide to expose housing discrimination toward the gay community. After they appear on WOAK, hate mail arrives at Lily's front door. Undeterred, Luke organizes a fundraiser at Metro to support gay and lesbian rights. Noah goes with Luke when he tells Holden and Lily, who are both supportive. Holden, however, is also concerned for their safety, but comes to agree with Lily that they all need to do this together as a family. At the fundraiser, Luke gives a speech honoring his mother, then goes to the parking lot to retrieve some research and is hit by a car. A mystery man approaches to check his pulse and carry him to the hospital, leaving a note on Luke with contact information. At the hospital, Luke is startled to see Damian. Holden and Lily return and are surprised to see Damian back in town and by Luke's bed. Lily tells Damian he is at the heart of most of her painful memories and that he's not welcome. Damian tells himself he's not leaving town until he gets what he wants.

SNEAK PEEK: Damian and Holden clash.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Jackie and Nick share feelings about each other's lives that neither is happy to hear. After a visit with Pam, Brooke begins to believe Stephanie about her sister's innocence. Ridge and Taylor try to persuade Steffy to not tell Rick about Thomas being the one behind the attacks. Ridge and Taylor fear what will happen to Thomas once word gets out and vow to do whatever it takes to protect their son. When Ridge learns that Thomas' secret is out, he makes a desperate appeal to Rick to not go to the police. Thomas begins to freak out at the thought of going to jail. Taylor is euphoric about the evening she shared with Ridge. Knowing that Ridge and Taylor spent the night together, Stephanie seizes the opportunity to rub it in Brooke's face. Stephanie then makes an accusation that Donna and Marcus are to blame for Pam's incarceration. Despite trying to make peace with her future mother-in-law, Katie refuses to keep quiet when Jackie berates her once again.

SNEAK PEEK: Rick gets what he wants.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Daniel tells Maggie she was right to condemn him for his relationship with Chloe. Although initially skeptical, Maggie comes to see Daniel has sacrificed his own happiness to ensure Chloe's with Lucas. Meanwhile, Chloe and Lucas return to the Justice of the Peace office to retrieve their wedding video. They are stunned to find Kate there waiting for them. Tony's plan to tell EJ the truth about Nicole's fake pregnancy is put on hold when he and Nicole overhear Sami tell Stefano and EJ that she's adopted a baby. Brady overhears Rafe leaving a message for Sami and introduces himself as Sami's stepbrother. Rafe talks about Sami's courage while in witness protection, and Brady realizes Rafe has feelings for her. Philip meets Tony on the pier and offers to buy the formula back. Tony laments about his predicament of following in Stefano's shadow, something he and Philip have in common. Tony urges him to make a clean break and be the man he wants to be because as long as he's in his father's shadow it will never happen. Victor fires Philip from Titan for losing the fuels project to the DiMeras. Nicole meets up with Brady and tells him Tony knows that she's not Sydney's biological mother. She tells him of her plan to steal the last copy of the fuels project from Tony to blackmail him into not talking. Brady calls Tony and asks him to meet him on the pier for "business." EJ and Stefano discuss Tony's leaving the family. Stefano is determined to make Tony pay for abandoning his family. Meanwhile, Nicole watches Tony and Philip fight. Tony, while on the stairs, gives way and falls on a broken wooden pallet. At the pub, Bo sees Roman and Hope talking. He immediately thinks of his vision of seeing them in bed together.

SNEAK PEEK: Tony dies.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: At Sonny's mob summit, Jason purposely gets rough with Ric so that Ric's beverage will go flying and ruin the wire Jason's been forced to wear. Sam puts herself at risk when she decides to use Rayner's ID to break into the secure storage area to steal the evidence against Spinelli. A seething Rayner learns he no longer has anything to hold against Jason and Spinelli, but vows to find a way to bring them down. Winifred tells Sam and Spinelli she's been forced to resign from the FBI. Sam is caught between a rock and a hard place when Spinelli suggests he and Winifred will join her in the private eye business she's planning to open. Ric has Claudia under his thumb when he reveals he has Jerry's DVD incriminating her in Michael's shooting. Jax admits to Carly that Jerry is alive, but doesn't reveal anything else. Robin enjoys spending time with Brad, but pulls back when things start to heat up. Patrick arrives at Robin's motel to confront her and mistakenly thinks he's witnessed Robin and Brad sharing a kiss on the lips. Robin admits she's suffering from postpartum depression. Jason helps soothe Robin.

SNEAK PEEK: Johnny and Lulu call it quits.

GUIDING LIGHT: Phillip warns Alan that he'd better leave Daisy alone, or he'll reveal that Alan framed Bill. Lizzie tells Beth she should help Phillip with his trial. Dinah realizes Shayne thinks she's going to jump and she explains she's just there to clear her head. Lizzie decides not to press charges against Dinah. Reva tells Josh the doctor recommended she have a C-section and that they've decided she will have the one as soon as it's safe. Phillip gets the deed to Company. Phillip visits the Coopers and explains he's hoping to repair the damage he has caused. He hands Buzz the deed to Company, but Buzz won't take it back. Marina decides to take over Company. Lizzie is horrified when Phillip admits he didn't mean to kill Grady, but there was no choice — he needed to make sure Lizzie would always be safe. Phillip and Beth see Alan speaking to Doris. Beth can't believe Alan would testify against Phillip, but Phillip says he's not afraid of the truth. Alan looks down at Phillip and Beth when Rick enters, followed by Buzz and Daisy. Doris calls Alan to the stand. Alan testifies that after seeing Phillip shoot the gun at Coop's funeral he realized Phillip might be more dangerous than ever. Lizzie announces she would like to testify. Lizzie says that night she knew Phillip wouldn't hurt her, that he loves all his children and that he was trying to protect them. Natalia accepts Frank's marriage proposal.

SNEAK PEEK: Natalia is torn between two lovers.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Stacy tricks Gigi into believing she's a perfect match for Shane. Stacy throws Gigi for a loop when she says she won't give Shane her bone marrow unless Gigi breaks up with Rex. Gigi is incredulous as she listens to Stacy explain how she believes she and Rex were always meant to be together and would have been if Gigi hadn't stolen him away in high school. A tortured Roxy recalls how Stacy blackmailed her into going along with the lie that Stacy is a donor match for Shane. John and Marty realize she's somehow connected to the murders after discovering the letters "KAD" on the victims, which are the same letters of the fraternity house where she had been raped in college. Dorian, Addie and Starr are shocked to learn Todd is suing for custody of his children. Shaun, Moe and Ray form a united front to prevent Todd from getting to Jack. Michael gives Starr and Addie the good news that Blair is awake after coming out of her medically induced coma. Starr shares an emotional reunion with Blair. While visiting Viki, Tea admits she's falling back in love with Todd, but is doing her best to fight those feelings. Antonio explains to a heartbroken Talia that he's leaving town to track down Carlo Hesser to put a stop to him once and for all. Natalie fears there could be horrible repercussions for Jessica if she were to learn the truth that Chloe isn't her baby, but is actually Starr's. Bo's and Nora's hearts break for Matthew. Clint feels left out when he watches Bo and Nora with Matthew. Matthew asks Nora to go easy on Cole in court. Asher visits Cole before his arraignment and gives him more pills. Asher helps Cole fake his first urinalysis and offers to keep doing so if Cole wants to keep using. Brody admits to Dr. Levin that he has feelings for Jessica and plans to tell her.

SNEAK PEEK: Starr chooses John over Todd.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Jana collapses after suffering a headache. Amber is shocked to learn just how truly disturbed Kevin has become. During one of his fits, Kevin forces Amber into the closet where she finds Clint's body. Amber tries to explain to Kevin that Clint isn't his father and he isn't sleeping; he's dead. Kevin takes out a chainsaw and becomes eerily calm. Kevin tells her if Clint is dead, then they need to make a coffin. Michael and Daniel arrive at the hideout and find the coffin, Amber's bloody scarf and Clint's body, but no sign of Kevin or Amber. Daniel begins to believe Kevin is on a killing spree and Michael can't argue with him. Adam and Victor have a father and son moment when Victor helps Adam after he stumbles due to his eyesight. Nikki gets an envelope from Kay returning her ring. Jill demands that Victor sell back to her the controlling interest in Jabot. Victor, however, refuses to sell them, ever. Nikki tells Paul she believes that Kay is truly Kay and they need to figure out a way to prove it. Paul suggests they exhume the body. Victor offers to give Jill back controlling interest in Jabot at no cost in exchange for her cooperation in exhuming Kay's body. Jill agrees. Murphy proposes to a stunned Kay, who happily agrees, and Marge says her goodbyes. Cane proposes to Lily, but Lily turns him down. She tells him that she wants to marry him, but she can't take Delia away from Chloe. Jack and Sharon find themselves unexpectedly close and playful. Sharon kisses Jack, which leads to their making love.

SNEAK PEEK: Kevin's life is on the line.

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