Official: Britain will have fastest train
Mar 23,2009 00:00 by UPI

LONDON -- Britain will have the fastest train in the world within 12 years, a double-decker that travels at 225 mph, an official says.

David Rowlands, the chairman of the government-owned company High Speed Two, said his firm is creating plans for a high-speed train service to connect most of Britain, The Times of London said Monday.

Rowlands said the new rail system would allow trains capable of carrying up to 800 passengers to depart every four minutes on four tracks.

"We are looking at four tracks because two tracks could quickly be filled. It is much cheaper to safeguard the land at the start rather than having to go back in another 20 years and build another two tracks," he said.

The London station for the high speed operation would likely be built in the suburbs to save costs, Rowlands said.

The Times said a line from London to the West Midlands could be completed by 2020, leading to extensions of the rail service to Britain's northeast and northwest.

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