Ohio village struggling with filled graves
Mar 23,2009 00:00 by UPI

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Officials in Groveport, Ohio, say their village is struggling to deal with the discovery of bodies in unmarked cemetery plots.

Groveport Village Councilman Edgar Rarey said multiple bodies were found in unmarked cemetery plots in the village, leading to a call for efforts to prevent such "embarrassing" situations from happening again, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch said Monday.

"It was terribly embarrassing to us," Rarey said. "We desperately tried to relocate them in that area, but we had to move the family to a new plot. We don't want this situation again."

But Carla Cramer of the Groveport Heritage Society said budget constraints could delay plans to use ground-penetrating radar to find any additional unmarked graves.

"Unfortunately, the cemetery is not something folks focus on the same way as the parks," she told the Dispatch. "I don't think fundraising would work."

The newspaper said the radar efforts, which would cost nearly $18,000, could be delayed for an undefined period of time.

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