Toronto mayor Twitters, but staff barred
Mar 24,2009 00:00 by UPI

TORONTO -- Some 46,000 city of Toronto employees are barred from using social networking sites on the job but Mayor David Miller is a big user of the Twitter Web site.

An auditor's report in 2007 found the MySpace and Facebook sites were the most visited by municipal employees at work and they were blocked, the National Post reported. The newer Twitter site, in which brief messages are posted and responded to by other users' replies, or "tweets," has been added to the blocked list, the report said.

However, the mayor and the 44 councilors and immediate staff have access to Twitter and some are making use of it, the report said.

Monday morning, Miller shared the news about his waterfront jog with some 4,000 subscribers.

"Great run this a.m.," he wrote. "Waterfront magnificent today."

Councilor Rob Ford doesn't use the sites as part of his job and told the Post he considers them distractions.

"I don't see how Facebook or Twitter can get your garbage picked up or your trees pruned or your potholes fixed," he said. "I don't know what purpose it serves. I just don't see how it benefits the taxpayer."

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