Fargo digs in against rising river
Mar 25,2009 00:00 by UPI

FARGO, N.D. -- Flooding threatened the U.S. midsection Wednesday as the National Weather Service posted watches and warnings from the Dakotas to Dixie.

A strong line of thunderstorms worked its way across Alabama and Mississippi, where the weather service warned of possible downed trees and flooded roads.

To the north, officials in Fargo, N.D., told CNN the Red River was threatening to easily overflow the 38-foot levees that protect the city.

"We're concerned about the rise of the river and how fast it's coming up, so our concern is that we're going to hit 41 feet," said Deputy Mayor Tim Mahoney.

Thousands of volunteers have been stacking sandbags since the weekend in preparation for the Red reaching heights not seen since the 1890s.

AccuWeather said Wednesday's rains were a prelude to what could be a wild late-week outbreak of storms that will impact the Southeast and Great Plains in particular.

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