Intel may show N. Korea has missile at pad
Mar 26,2009 00:00 by UPI

PYONGYANG, North Korea -- Intelligence reports indicate North Korea put a long-range missile on a launch pad for test firing, an act several countries say violates a U.N. resolution.

South Korean media report spy satellites detected what may be a Taepodong-2 missile in place Tuesday at the launch site near North Korea's northeastern coast, The New York Times reported Thursday. North Korea set up its rocket Wednesday.

North Korea, whose last ballistic missile launch in 2006 failed, says it intends to launch a rocket with a satellite payload between April 4-8. There are international concerns, however, that Pyongyang will be testing a ballistic missile capable of reaching Japan or the United States. Both missions use the same rocket technology.

After North Korea detonated its first nuclear device in 2006, the U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution banning North Korea from further nuclear and missile tests. U.S. and Japanese officials have said they will ask the Security Council for punitive action if North Korea goes ahead with the launch, which the United States, Japan and South Korea say violates the U.N. ban, the Times said.

North Korea warned that further sanctions would jeopardize talks on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

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