Home Zone: Surround your swimming pool with safety and beauty
Mar 27,2009 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Pool fencing is essential for safety, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun, attractive and easy to maintain. Homeowners can have the best of both worlds with vinyl fencing that will not only protect, but also often enhance their investment in an outdoor pool.

Carefree vinyl fencing products, by Royal Outdoor Products, surround an outdoor swimming pool in safety, strength and style for a beautiful backyard retreat. Photo courtesy of Royal Outdoor Products. 

Royal Outdoor Products, makers of outdoor vinyl home products, offers the Triple Crown Fence and Vinyl Post & Rail products to meet these needs. Unlike wood, metal and other traditional materials — which can degrade, wear, rust or rot over time — vinyl is resilient. Warping, rotting, peeling and splitting are no longer concerns.

Ideal for any climate with a nonporous surface, vinyl can be cleaned with a simple rain shower or one from your hose.

The Triple Crown Fence is offered in full and semi-private styles to allow for a secluded poolside, while the picket and decorative kinds add a unique splash of beauty. UV-protected to resist fading, the fencing is available in Alpine White, Desert Tan and Pebblestone Clay — colors that will match any home.

The Vinyl Post & Rail components are presented in a variety of designs and feature patented, impact-resistant Rail Locks that ensure strength. Most fence makers notch their rail components, which can actually weaken the walls. Royal's Triple Crown Fence features hidden rail locks — they take away the need for nails, screws and staples that will eventually rust and fail.

Not only will the fencing give you beauty, but it also provides peace of mind and compliance with the law. A recent report by the CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control estimated that proper pool fencing would prevent about one-fifth of all drowning incidents among children under 5 years old.

And it happens close to home. A study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to find out about child-drowning — aimed at children under 5 in Arizona, California and Florida — showed that 65 percent were in a pool owned by the child's family, 22 percent in a relative's pool and 11 percent at a neighbor's pool.

Code requirements mandate self-latching gates and a wall or fence at least 4 feet high to completely surround a swimming pool. However, homeowners should check with their local building department to find the most recent codes and requirements for pool barriers in their neighborhood. Or contact an experienced fencing supplier, such as Royal Outdoor Products.

For more information, visit www.royaloutdoor.com.

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