Central Oregon Fishing Report 3-25-09
Mar 28,2009 00:00 by ODFW

Weekend fishing opportunities:

  • Pine Hollow Reservoir, Rock Creek Reservoir, Taylor Lake, and Baker Pond were all stocked with legal-sized and broodstock trout this week.

  • Anglers are reporting catch of bright winter steelhead in the lower Hood River from the mouth upstream to Powerdale Dam.

CLEAR LAKE: rainbow trout

No recent reports.

CROOKED RIVER BELOW BOWMAN DAM: redband trout and mountain whitefish

The river is currently flowing at 66 cfs and anglers are reporting success.  Please note that fishing with bait is not currently allowed; artificial flies and lures only until May 23.

All anglers are encouraged to visit informational kiosks located in the BLM campgrounds in the Wild and Scenic portion of the river where a flier has been posted to assist anglers in collecting valuable information.  ODFW and OSU initiated a radio telemetry study on redband trout and whitefish in the fall of 2007. ODFW and OSU deployed new radio-tags in early October in fish caught by dedicated volunteer anglers from the Central Oregon Fly Fishers, Sunriver Anglers, ODFW, and OSU. Anglers are reminded that radio-tagged fish cannot be legally harvested. To determine if a fish is radio-tagged, anglers should check for an eight-inch wire antenna protruding from the rear of both redband and mountain whitefish. A sample of redband trout and mountain whitefish are also tagged with a numbered floy tag protruding from the back. Anglers who later catch a trout or whitefish with a floy tag are encouraged to release the fish after recording the tag number, fish length and location caught. Anglers can send the information to ODFW at (541) 447-5111 ext. 24 or by e-mail.

DESCHUTES RIVER: steelhead, rainbow trout

Mouth to Warm Springs: steelhead, trout

Winter angling for trout, whitefish and steelhead on the lower Deschutes can be a fun way to enjoy a quiet winter day. Angling is open for these species year round in the Deschutes from the Columbia River upstream to the Northern Boundary of the Warm Springs Reservation. The highest concentration of trout and whitefish are from around Maupin upstream to the reservation boundary. Steelhead can occasionally be caught in these areas as well. Trout anglers should focus on the slower water due to the colder water temperatures, back eddies are typically the most productive in winter. Fly anglers can be successful using an indicator with a large stonefly and a small dropper.      

Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls: rainbow trout, brown trout

No recent reports. This reach of the Deschutes currently provides winter angling opportunity for brown trout and redband trout. River flow below Bend is currently running 800  cfs.

FALL RIVER: rainbow trout

Recent reports indicate that the angling has been fair. The river above the falls remains open the entire year, and is restricted to fly-fishing only. River water temperatures are generally in the 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit range. As mid-day air temperatures get warmer, expect insect activity to increase. This is a popular winter fishery for fly fishers.

HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brown trout

Rainbow trout fishing has been excellent from the shore and boats. Large fish have been active in the recent weeks with reports of 10lb rainbows being caught.

HOOD RIVER: summer steelhead, winter steelhead

Anglers are reporting catch of bright winter steelhead in the lower Hood River from the mouth upstream to Powerdale Dam. Recent rains have improved river conditions.   Counts at Bonneville Dam have been improving, and anglers should be seeing increased numbers of fish. Anglers should watch for warmer air temperatures later to warm the water and improve fishing.  Winter steelhead numbers will continue to increase throughout the remaining winter.

Find out how many fish are being captured at the Powerdale Dam trap.


Access is likely marginal due to heavy snow and the reservoir is likely frozen.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: bull trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee, smallmouth bass

Bull trout and kokanee angling opportunities in the Deschutes and Crooked River Arms are fair to good. Kokanee bag limit is five fish per day, included in the trout daily bag limit. Anglers should consult 2009 Sport Fishing Regulations for new angling regulations on Lake Billy Chinook.

METOLIUS RIVER: redband trout, bull trout

No recent reports. February and March can provide a nice midday opportunity for anglers. As day time temperatures start climbing into the higher 50s and lower 60s insect and hatch activity will increase. Please note that the reach of river from Allingham Bridge upstream to the Metolius headspring is currently closed to angling to protect spawning redband.


Bait fishing is not allowed. Artificial flies and lures only, and regulations allow no more than two trout per day with only one trout greater than 20 inches and no trout under eight inches. Opportunities are good for native redband trout.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: rainbow trout

Reservoir has thin ice cover, ice fishing not recommended. Use extreme caution if evaluating ice conditions.


Pine Hollow has been recently stocked and should provide good opportunity to catch various sizes of trout, including some large trout.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, black crappie, bass

No recent reports. Anglers should note an error in the 2009 fishing regulations for Prineville Reservoir (p. 63).  The CORRECT regulation is: largemouth and smallmouth bass, 15 in. MAXIMUM length, only one of which may be a largemouth.


Pine Hollow has been recently stocked with trout and should provide good opportunity to catch a limit of trout. 

TAYLOR LAKE: rainbow trout

Taylor Lake has been recently stocked with trout and should provide good opportunity to catch a fat trout. Taylor Lake is also a great spot to catch carp with flies, look for carp in the shallows as water temperatures warm with spring temperatures.

WALTON LAKE: rainbow trout

Gate to campground is locked, anglers must walk ΒΌ mile to the reservoir. Ice fishing opportunities for carryover rainbow trout up to 18 inches are excellent. Anglers are encouraged to use caution when evaluating ice conditions. This is a beautiful location to get away during the winter. Forest Service Road 42 to the gate is plowed throughout winter.