Dallas cop regrets stopping Moats
Mar 31,2009 00:00 by UPI

DALLAS -- A Dallas police officer says he regrets detaining Ryan Moats for a traffic violation while the NFL player's mother-in-law was dying.

"If I were in that situation again, I would take them inside and let them be with their mother, which is where they needed to be," Officer Robert Powell, who has been placed on leave from the department, told The Dallas Morning News.

Moats, who plays for the Houston Texans, told police he rolled through a red light with his car's hazard lights on March 17 as he rushed his wife, Tamisha, to the hospital, where her mother died of cancer before the couple could see her.

Powell detained Moats and his wife outside the emergency room for 13 minutes as he wrote a traffic ticket and allegedly berated Moats for his driving, the Morning News reported.

Powell, who issued a public apology last week, said he drew his gun but doesn't remember pointing it at Tamisha Moats, as she has alleged.

"Once I found out there was no threat, I did reholster my weapon immediately," Powell said Monday to the Morning News.

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