Parliament brawl raises security questions
Mar 31,2009 00:00 by UPI

LONDON -- Questions about security in Britain's Parliament were raised Tuesday following a violent fight between a guest and police in a corridor, sources said.

In the Monday night incident, police said a man identified as the director of a London publishing company got into a fight with another man who had also been invited to a media reception held by Conservative Party member of Parliament Eric Pickles in the Shadow Cabinet room, The Times of London reported.

When a police officer moved in to break up the fight in a hallway directly behind the speaker's chair, the man "went berserk" and split the officer's lip during a violent attack that required the use of pepper spray to quell, sources told the newspaper. The man was described as heavily inebriated and reportedly remained jailed Tuesday.

The attack was "incredibly violent" and was more than a "simple drunken brawl," sources told The Times.

With the Group of 20 summit only days away, the incident revived questions about Parliament's security since the man did not hold a security pass and was supposed to be escorted at all times, the newspaper said.

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