Golf: Drill for Better Wrist Position
May 27,2006 00:00 by Tina Mickelson
The key to a good putting stroke is keeping the wrists solid and still.  But that can be easier said than done.  A friend of mine used to be way too ÒwristyÓ in his putting stroke but now his wrists stay completely solid throughout his entire stroke, making him a much more consistent putter.  He told me the following drill helped him a lot:
·         Set up to your ball as you would for a regular 5-foot putt.

·         Move your left foot forward so it is just in front of your ball and, keeping your heel on the ground, lift the toes of your left foot.

·         Make your regular putting stroke.  What you will find is once you strike the ball it will roll under your foot however, the shaft will stop when it hits your shoe.  You will find that it is impossible for your wrists to collapse.

Photo Credit: Paul Nasri
As you repeat the drill you will understand what it feels like to keep your wrists firm.  Not only will you enjoy your ball going straighter and find you have better distance control, but you will notice a different roll on your ball as well.